3 Qualities to Look for in Email Hosting Providers

Even among businesses that are at the bleeding edge of the tech industry, nearly 48% of all business conversations are still held via email. If your company communications are a mish-mash of personal and company email accounts, you need to get connected to the best email hosting providers.

If you’ve already set up your company with an email hosting provider, are they giving you everything that you need? Your email provider should be providing you with service and support worthy of the price that you pay them. You shouldn’t have to worry about downtime or internal maintenance interfering with your company’s communications.

No matter what industry you’re in, you need access to a secure, flexible, and enterprise worthy email hosting provider. If you’re considering working with a new provider, look for these three key features before you sign on with anyone.

1. Reliable Security

Communications within your business email accounts will often contain private or confidential information. They can contain your company strategies, new product concepts, or important financial data.

If there are any holes in your email host’s servers, a rival company or a nefarious hacker could hold your data hostage. You could not only end up with a crippling security breach, but you could end up having your information sold to your closest rivals.

Free hosting services might be the right thing for your budget. However once your company scales large enough to be competitive, you’ll be a sitting duck. Your data will be out there for anyone with a computer science degree to hack open.

Security is important if you work in the health, medical, and wellness industries. You might have private information on mental or physical health of your clients. Failing to secure that data could be a violation of the law.

Ensure that your email hosting company is HIPAA and FISMA compliant and understands the regulations associated.

2. Your Provider Should Offer Flexibility

If you’ve got a geographically dispersed staff or a number of employees who travel, you need to know that your email will sync with everyone’s devices.

Access to calendars, schedules, contacts, and inboxes can make or break a deal while employees are on the go. Everyone should be able to access their own data regardless of where they are on the globe.

Be sure that your next provider offers great bundled packages that will scale as your company continues to grow and succeed.

3. You Need Storage And Archiving

Depending on the type of business you run, you could be receiving large emails and attachments from clients and employees. Insurance companies could receive photos from the scene of an accident or incident. Design firms could get renderings sent to their inbox at any time of day.

You need to ensure that there is a back up of your emails as well as enough space to archive important messages.

Email Hosting Providers Should Be A Time Saver

Email hosting providers shouldn’t give you headaches. It should contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s work. If it’s not, it’s time to consider someone else.

If you’re ready to work with a new hosting provider, contact us for more information on where to start.